Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introducing: Ol' Skoo'

Everyone knows "that dude." You know, the 35- to 40-year-old guy who's always talkin' 'bout how good it was in the "old days." Ol' Skoo', On The Daily's latest character, was inspired by one such person we came across on the bus not too long ago.
There he was, rockin' out to some jams, when he struck up a conversation with some high schoolers on how today's rap music stacks up against that of his heyday. We're sure you've heard all those arguments before, but as one of the homies over at Jugrnaut put it once, "You know, we might complain that the new school is whack and they don't respect the old, but it's really our fault because we never took the time to show them the way, because we were too full of ourselves to see that they're the future of the movement."

What do you think?

We hope you enjoy Ol' Skoo' and his throwback throw-downs about music, movies, fashion and errthang else.

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